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About B.Y Ventures

B.Y Ventures is a seed and early stage venture capital firm based out of New York that provides ambitious teams with funding, network and support to reach next steps of their exciting journey. We invest in entrepreneurial ideas by backing ambitious founders who work hard to create value.

We are committed to build sustainable businesses in the space of Internet of Things. We partner and promote businesses that show potential for significant long–term success in specific tech segments. The synergy within our portfolio enables us to offer the advantages of a unified, supportive spectrum, including access to a wide–ranging network of entrepreneurs.

We have commands vast knowledge in building and supporting start ups and growth-stage technology projects. Our mission is to drive the success and stagnant growth through ambition, passion and strength combined.

We pride ourselves in working side-by-side with entrepreneurs. We realize that fundraising is only ONE step in a journey. We are not just investors. Rather, we are a network of founders and experts working to disrupt status quo.

Our Investment Scope

1. Investment Sectors

We mainly consider companies in the Digital Environment. We tend to avoid capital-intensive companies that have complex legislative barriers.

2. Geographic Scope

We are open to invest anywhere in the world and are currently working with Entrepreneurs across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

3. Investment Range

We invest based on the stage that a start-up is operating at. We usually tend to invest in early stage with a cap of $0.5 Million to $3 Million.

4. Investment Stage

We invest from seed to Series A, mostly as lead investors but also work alongside other investors.

Our Portfolio

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We're just like the rest, only different

B.Y Ventures is a responsible corporate citizen. With our goals and vision, we have emphasized on giving back to society wholeheartedly.

As a result of such a mindset, we have joined hands with social projects like ‘I Educate Children’ and ‘FESFna’ to improve the future of young children going through the unfortunate distress.

For more details, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


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